Personal Umbrella / Excess Liability Policy

What is an Umbrella Policy?

This is an extra layer of liability protection that you can opt to purchase that will extend over and above your primary liability limits on your home, auto, boat, etc. This coverage takes over once the primary liability runs out. For example, you lose a $700,000 lawsuit and your primary policy only has a $500,000 limit. Your Personal Umbrella Policy would pay the remaining 200,000.

Not only that, the policy expands your protection to include such personal injury claims as false arrest, libel, slander, invasion of privacy and wrongful entry or eviction. And all these coverages are provided on a worldwide basis

Excess Liability coverage options range from $1million up to $10 million.

Do I need an Umbrella Policy?

If you own a home, have a retirement account or have ANY assets to protect, it is defiantly a wise decision. For a relatively small premium you could save yourself from financial ruin.
The dollar value of judgments granted for personal liability lawsuits is soaring, and today’s awards for accidents resulting in death can easily reach seven figures.
With no protection, some victims are paying out dollar amounts of a half million, a million and more from their own pockets.